Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Face My Enemy (Continuity Nods)

So I was watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D tonight and I saw Agent May’s phone’s “Recent Call” list. It had a list of calls and I looked into a few of them and they had some interesting little in jokes/nods to old SHIELD characters! Check it out!

Agents of Shield

  • J. Larner: James Larner is an MI-6 operative. Link
  • Agent 60: Agent 60 is double agent working for shield from way back in the golden age. Link
  • Nat: There are a lot of possibilities here but is possibly “Death Head Scott” (Aka: Nat Scott) who was an old school mad scientist criminal. Link
  • Lt. Stone: This is probably Lt. Marcus Stone from a comic series called “Code: Blue”. Link
  • Burk: No idea on this one.
  • S. Johnson: Couldn’t find anything on this one either. Possibly a reference to a few Marvel comic artist or even to Nick Fury Jr. who goes by the name “Marcus Johnson”.
  • M. Huff: There was a SHIELD agent named “Margaret Huff”. She was Nick Fury’s personal secretary. Link
  • Bell: This could be a joke reference to the series  Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell. Could also be one of a few Marvel characters who have bell in their name like Eva Bell (Tempus)
  • Woo: Jimmy Woo is an agent of SHIELD. Link
  • Lt. Crouch: No idea on this one.

If you guys have any idea on the ones I didn’t know anything about, please comment!