Beauty in Chaos Reviews: Fraka

Music is Noise

Hi, I’m Fraka. I tend to be a bit of an optimist. The universe is a vast expanse full of chaos. Within the chaos is beauty, structure, and predictability. Down to the comic book level. That’s the perspective from which I base my reviews.

The set of critiques I judge by are much less rigid and fall into the areas of Art, Comprehensibility, and Cohesion. Every comic comes from somewhere. A team, a business, or an individual. They put themselves into their comic and it’s those thoughts that move me. Beauty is unbound and can be found anywhere.


Skill comes with time, so quality will grow as its artist does. Consistency is what helps maintain immersion and holds the comic together until completion. When consistency starts to falter, it detracts from what can be appreciated.


Where things aren’t consistent, they must be explained. Where change happens, it must be explained why. Even things outside of the comic itself need to resonate within the comic. Comprehensibility is that which we can understand. Unanswered questions and cliffhangers are better met as a desire to want more, rather than a bout of confusion.


Cohesion is broad, complete cohesion is rare. As the story progresses, it must progress in a predictable manner. Chronological and spacial jumps can be disorienting. Like art and comprehensibility, there is a sense of consistency that is maintained. Even in the midst of confusion, a well-met explanation can make a whole comic become cohesive.

Each piece has a role to unify the whole.