I get a lot of submission requests (a LOT- like 3+ a week) and there is no way we can review all the submissions we get. Here are some quick guidelines to keep in mind and if you don’t follow them (like messaging our FB page) we will openly mock you and your comic:

  1. Submission does not guarantee review. We pick and chose what we want to review.
  2. Don’t send us a generic press release. All we want is a quick, personal, note. Don’t include the summary of your comic (a sentence little “taste” is fine) because we don’t like spoilers at all. Don’t tell me about you Kickstarter campaign, don’t tell me about your release date, or any of that jazz. Just “Hey ScottyG, I wrote a comic about chicken knights fighting badger-men on post-apocalyptic Earth.” The shorter the better.
  3. We only review first issues. We typically only do 1 comic per publisher (We’ve made exceptions).
  4. Include a link to where we can get the comic for review (free) in your message (or say you’ll send it in the follow up).
  5. We only review comics that are not terribly long (no number but 40 pages is typically what I consider very long).
  6. Dark/gritty comics don’t excite me. I don’t do porn/adult comics. I don’t like furry/anthro comic (just isn’t my cup of tea).
  7. We are not nice. If you consent to having your comic reviewed we will give it a review- which are our opinions. Feel free to disagree, but you asked for it.
  8. We will not pull down reviews (good or bad).
  9. Do not contact us for PR, marketing, or guest posts. Not interested unless you are a legit reviewer.
  10. It takes a lot of time to read and review comics (typically a few hours per review). If you get reviewed- please conciser donating to the site. Even if it’s just $5.

Please read each reviewer’s guidelines before submitting.

By submitting a comic to ICR, you understand the guidelines as laid out above.

Or, if something is wrong with that and you REALLY need to contact us, use this form below:

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