The Misadventures of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors

The Misadventures of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors

Staff: Patrick J. Reilly and Butch Mapa


Go read it. Now. Stop what you are doing. Put down Batman and/or Superman and read this.


Alright, so there are times when I do this that I get really disheartened. But comics like RATO, C.U.P.I.D.S, and Slave all make it worth it. I go through so many bad ones that when I find a gem like The Misadventures of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors I get excited. And excited I am. This was a FANTASTIC comic that everyone deserves to read.

The art is top notch and at times even some DC/Marvel folks could take some pointers. The letting is the only place this comic is weak in and then that’s only at a few rare points (see the bottom of page 46 to see what I am talking about). That’s just a drop of water in the ocean though as this comic’s artistic investiture in the characters is wholehearted.

The real quick run down of this comic is that we are following a team of heroes with laughably bad powers who try to fit into a world where much better heroes exist. It sounds like a tired plot we’ve seen played for laughs a dozen times but these guys really hammer it home. The story has twists and turns galore, the characters are well written, the each feel unique, and the plot is engaging as well as coherent. I got a little Watchmen vibe from this comic, in a good way, and I really liked the protagonist. He almost lampshades the qualities of some other characters but the third act really hammers it home. There is a panel where all these heroes are just taking an elevator ride and “Age of Aquarius” starts playing. I stopped reading, put it on, and LAUGHED how well it fit.

It was totally an unadulterated FUN reading this comic. A lot of times I slosh through junk on my trek through the indy comic reject bin and I am wildly impressed with this book. It had smart dialogue, a lot of great twists, and I didn’t feel like I was painfully slogging through panels I didn’t want to read. Sorry for the short review but just go read it. You’ll get why I don’t want to spoil anything.



Art: 9/10 (Marvel eat your heart out)

Lettering: 7/10 (Few missteps, professional overall.)

Plot: 8/10 (Smart dialogue and good characters.)

Novelty: 7/10 (Seems like a basic plot then BAM, twists.)

Overall: 7.75/10

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