Blue Water Productions Rant

Alright, after a brief absence I’m back. I actually wanted to review some comics but nothing good popped up on my radar. Since becoming a DriveThruComic featured reviewer, I have been receiving a LOT of comics to reviews. Unfortunately the vast majority have been from a company named “Blue Water Productions”. Literally 95% of the comics sent to me were from them. I wanted to take this opportunity to voice my strong dislike of them. I know there is a lot of bad press surrounding their alleged bad business practices regarding their payment of those who work for/with them, but that is not what I’m talking about (it is covered better than I could by Johanna Draper Carlson on Comics Worth Reading).

My issue with them is that they are giving the industry a bad name, They release a dozen low budget, poorly made, comics with no thoughts for their production value. See my review on Female Force: Nancy Reagan to see what I’m talking about, but in essence their comics have no heart. It seems like they were churned out in a week and lack the degree of polish and professionalism I’ve seen in other comics. Sorry for the rant but I’ve just got SO many of these god awful comics sent to me recently.

That being said, I will not be reviewing Blue Water Productions products in the future. Call it a boycott if you want but they just push my buttons the wrong way.

One thought on “Blue Water Productions Rant

  1. Just found this blog (hooray for DriveThru~), and you win me on this post. I’d noticed something was off about them in the past, but I’m kind of not surprised to hear that their poor business practice runs deeper than just their strange menagerie of soulless biographical titles. Thanks for pointing it out. I will tell my other inspiring indie artist friends not to set foot near them.

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