Pentavis Chronicles: Unearthing Project


Pentavis Chronicles: Unearthing Project

Staff: Ron Higgins & Tony Higgins


Like Kinesis… but worse.


Oh good, whenever I see art done in poser it makes my job so much easier. The art metric I grade on just plummets. This is one of those comics that should have been nipped in the bud. Lets dive into “Pentavis” by the Higgins boys.

I won’t harp on the use of poser artwork in comics. It’s bad, it makes goofy expressions, and is a pretty good indicator of a poor comic. There are some straight up goofy facial expressions and repeated models in very empty backgrounds. If you want to hear more, go look up my review on Kinesis.

What really gets me is the lettering. Right off the bat my eyes were assaulted with some kind of loopy cursive font then some yellow backgrounds on font. This comic could have really benefited from someone with some kind of lettering experience. The dialogue boxes were so inconsistent that I was hard pressed to figured out who was speaking what.

The plot is hard to follow at best and suffers from a lack of development of each panel. The story is rushed and cluttered. In one page, we get a creature attacking a character, the resolution, and the next plot point or two. A lot of time the exposition is used as a replacement for any sort of interesting dialogue. I don’t know if I was dropped into a middle to the story, but for some reason it’s only 4 pages long (spreads, so it’s 8 “pages), but I still have no idea what’s going on.


Art: 1/10 (Poser 3D art)

Lettering: 1/10 (Almost unreadable)

Plot: 1/10 (No idea what is going on)

Novelty: 1/10 (I’m… not sure?)

Overall: 1/10

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