Tim Forder’s Horrific Humor

Tim Forder’s Horrific Humor

Staff: Tim Forder’s Horrific Humor


I guess your could call it a horror-themed joke book.


Ok guys, so today I am looking at “Tim Forder’s Horrific Humor”. I’m not sure how well I can “review” this comic, but I’ll at least endeavor to use it as a learning experience for others. Seriously… this is what I opened my PDF reader to:

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this cover. Let it sink in. I could do an entire review about just this… but I’ll try to keep it contained to a single paragraph. Good lord! He clearly just cropped some old horror wolf-man book cover and maybe tossed some color over it before slapping his title on it? I physically cringed when I saw this. Also- you don’t need your title 3 times on the same page, not to mention 2 (both PAINFULLY bad) taglines! “That Horrific Horror Humor as in terrific horror humor.” Really? We got the joke. No need to spell it out man. And a low quality export that doesn’t even fill the page? Your killing me. It’s not even an EQUAL bleed on either side of the page.

What follows is no less of a train wreck. What the cover sets up for us, the rest of the comic hammers home in the worst kind of way. Illegible text, terribly cropped public domain images (some of which I have my doubts about…), the absolute worst photoshop attempts I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across, a few funny jokes, and… I guess it’s horror themed?

Honestly… and I say this having reviewed things like Kinesis, Surreal Murder Mysteries, High School Hijinks, and Brake, that Tim Forder’s Horrific Humor is the absolute and uncontested worst comic I’ve ever read. For a joke book, the jokes aren’t funny and from a technical perspective, I’ve legitimately seen better put together middle school class projects. Congratulations Tim- I think you have forced me to award my only ever 0/10.



Art: 0/10 (Poorly cropped public domain art)

Lettering: 0/10 (Illegible at times)

Plot: 0/10 (Don’t get me started)

Novelty: 0/10 (No. Just no.)

Overall: 0/10

There is no link to this product. You can Google search this comic’s name and find a $7 copy of this on Amazon. I will not be party to robbery like that.

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