Division M

Division M

Staff: Joe de Lima and Rafa Lee


Same old anti-superhero agency. Only this time they speak in psudo-English!


This only thing I can imagine is that this comic was written by someone who doesn’t speak English as their primary language. The very first text bubble doesn’t make much sense. It’s quickly followed by psudo-English for the remainder of the comic. Words are simply missing from sentences (“It seems star wars’ stuff.”) I think I was able to get the jist of it.

In terms of lettering, things are fine until they get sloppy and cut off a word or two.

As near as I can tell, someone outlawed superheroes and the two main characters work for Division M.

The art goes from pretty cool to total junk. Inconsistencies in the physical characteristics of the characters does little to help this (example: One of the meta humans has blue eyes which turn to light green ones). Some pages (like page 10) clearly have a few hand drawn pieces superimposed on a digital matte background and have the basic drop shadow effect on it. It gives the impression that everything is floating and the perspective is always a bit off. It’s the mix of digital and hand drawn elements that clash so angrily that make the artwork look sloppy. There is some real potential here, but it’s a vision only halfway realized. A lot of it looks like some concept art or maybe a storyboard that someone tossed some color on.

In terms of the premise, it’s sadly been done before. SHIELD, STAR Labs, Task Force X, Checkmate, SWORD, Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, MIB, etc. I dare say it’s been done to death. This is nothing new and has nothing unique about it down to the types of superpowers they encounter.


Art: 3/10 (Not offensively bad)

Lettering: 5/10 (Nothing special. A few slip ups)

Plot: 3/10 (Couldn’t understand most of it due to grammar)

Novelty: 1/10 (Nothing new under the sun)

Overall: 3/10


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