Mid-Night Detectives

Mid-Night Detectives

Staff: Scott W. Coons, Idris Yusuf, Richard Wilson, Rachel Lemke, and Chris Ellis


Harmless kids stuff.


I don’t know why I downloaded this comic… I mean it’s really not my style. The whole “talking animals” thing never really did it for me… but it had a zebra on the cover and he looked like he meant business so I went for it… I’m gonna regret this one aren’t I?

So let’s get into the train-wreck part. I’m pretty sure they did their cover & credits lettering in Microsoft Word (and not a new version). However, that’s the worst of it. In-panel it’s pretty decent and it’s actually readable.

The art is half way decent. Not professional grade, but close…ish. For an indy comic that didn’t look like it had a lot of funding behind it that’s just fine. I mean there were a few scenes where it was clear the artist fell asleep or something, but it’s acceptable.

The plot is formulaic, but when lines like “Let’s rob and trick them!” are uttered by a ripped, naked dog with a spiked collar- that kind of flys out the window. To call it heavy handed would be a bit subtle. Then again, I gotta keep in mind that this is probably not meant for my demographic. For kids… yeah, it’s just fine. Plot is easy to understand, characters are identifiable, and everything runs like a train on train tracks. No points for novelty though. I think I saw this plot in Rescue Rangers or something.

I just love how at some points there are just random zebra and bald eagles trouncing around the city.

However, even for a kids comic there are some pretty hefty flaws. Some poor grammar choices stick out to me, everything is SUPER convenient, and names just get thrown out every 10 seconds. The writing (again, even for a kids comic) is really weak and basic on a level that some kids might find insulting. The staff seems to overlook things plot wise. Like on page 23 it’s randomly mentioned, “I have a smart wife” (referring to another character). You have seen these characters for a while and it’s suddenly mentioned in passing that they are married.

Anyway, it’s ultimately harmless. Kids will probably enjoy it. Kind of a throwback to like the early 90s tv shows.


Art: 4/10 (Sloppy… but good effort)

Lettering: 4/10 (Decent except for the cover and credits)

Plot: 6/10 (Kids stuff. Did what it set out to do.)

Novelty: 1/10 (Tiny Toon Adventures wants its plot back)

Overall: 3.75/10

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