One-Man Preview

One-Man Preview

Staff: Paul Johnson and Benjamin J. Kreger


Thought it would suck. Totally wrong.


I gotta admit that I totally went into this book saying, “Oh man… a good stinker I can rip apart!” and well… I was wrong. The art style is quirky and bizarre, but it works. We’re quickly dropped into an alien society filled with rich details, races, conflict, and humor. The lettering worked and was very legible. There are a few cliches played for humor, but they are more lamp-shaded then used in earnest. I am not entirely sure of the connection between the aliens and our bearded protagonist, but it was a short little preview. From what I saw- I liked. I don’t know if it’s my style, but it defiantly has that je ne sais quoi that a lot of indy comics today are missing.


Art: 9/10 (Quirky but expressive and a lot of fun)

Lettering: 6/10 (I can read it and it was good)

Plot: 7/10 (Nothing new, but the universe is rich)

Novelty: 7/10 (The art style speaks a lot to this)

Overall: 7.25/10

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