Staff: Charlie McCarrick, Carlos Gomez, Francisco Perez, and Albert Deschesne


I’m in love.


So first off, the art on this book is amazing. It is very much in opposition to the more traditional Jack Kirby of art we see so frequently in modern comics. It’s very sleek and very digital. They used the space of their panels very well and the artist has a GREAT sense of color. The characters are expressive, utilize dynamic poses, and make good use of their motion.

Another thing worthy of note is that even though we have a LOT of female characters, they don’t look like Barbie doll. Their proportions are deformed, but not into some crazy unrealistic standard of beauty. They are still attractive and confident. Way to go!

The story is novel, involving greek epics, a big of scifi, and war. It’s a big thing to expect from a story with a cheesy name like C.U.P.I.D.S. I don’t think I’ve laughed thus far at a comic and this one was really the first time I did. It’s got a quirky, modern, sense of humor that appeals to the Joss Whedon fan in me. It takes the concept of cupid shooting arrows into lovers and blows it up into a James Bond/Kim Possible-esque adventures for a more mature audience (a few swears were dropped into it).

I dug the characters. They had personalities, they had flaws, they had quirks, they had little details in their personality. Finally! Someone who can write a decent character I can emotionally invest in! I actually enjoyed the villain and the first issue left me wanting more. I know my rule is “one and done” for comic series, but I might have to read more of this.

One of my only gripes is that the lettering is really small. I had to blow it up to read it correctly. But that’s a single sour drop in an ocean of wonderful, so don’t let that detract from it.


Art: 10/10 (Come for the art, stay for the story)

Lettering: 5/10 (A little small. Otherwise good.)

Plot: 8/10 (I said stay for the story right?)

Novelty: 9/10 (Finally something NEW and not based on “So there are these superheroes…”)

Overall: 8/10

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