Staff: Shawn Gabborin, Chad Cicconi, Dave Dwonch


Good premise that is a bit squandered


The premise is a nice twist on the secret identity trope. The protagonist is also the villain and has a mundane persona too. Lets see if they actually follow through on this.

Lettering is fine and the art, while not major publisher grade, is not outright bad. There are some weird expressions and over simplified actions that show a lack of dedication to dynamic posing, but overall it’s ok. There are a few notable onomatopoeias that are actually pretty decent.

So the story does follow though a bit, but it is all cliches. You can kind of guess most of the plot. How is he all three? You guessed it, split personality disorder. It feels like a squandered premise a bit. Dialogue like, “Yesterday I was foiled again!” fall really flat and almost make me groan.  Every trapping of a mad scientist villain is there and it almost feels like it’s being lamp-shaded but they really play it to straight for me to believe that. There is a LOT of convince written into the plot. Like, “Oh, he never looked there so this whole story could happen”. A lot of it feels forced.

There is a fun little bit at the end that gives an excerpt from the all important journal. Kind of a nice touch.

That being said, despite my let down that this would be an amazing use of a good premise, it’s not a bad read. It’s engaging, the premise is able to carry a lot of the story, and even though it’s predictable it’s never boring.


Art: 5/10 (Not major publisher grade. Does ok.)

Lettering: 6/10 (Decent)

Plot: 3/10 (Simplistic and predictable)

Novelty: 7/10 (Good enough to carry the story)

Overall: 5.25/10

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